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Warning-This is unpolished and wordy you have been warned

Just to be clear if your starting in the role play server ask someone for help first, but please if you`re here your also almost certainly on the discord for the server and the tutorial channels are-*checks channels in question*-somewhat helpful and clearly I need to ask Kate to let me add a getting started guide there as well. Anyway lacking someone there to help you in person, an exercise in community building as well as instruction mind you, this guide will have to do but ask a regular to see if you did anything wrong just in case I`ll try and include a decent explanation of where you should be at the end, ask a mod or admin for help if you notice deviations.

Disclaimer-This is not a troubleshooting guide if your having issues getting the game to work it won`t help you I'm sorry I reiterate ask a mod or admin for help, preferably on the discord

Clarification - This guide is founded on the assumption that the person reading it has ZERO clue what to do and as such need to have (Nearly) everything explained to them. Despite this, it is an OVERVIEW on the bare essentials to getting started NOT an in-depth guide on everything 

-Step One- Log In Screen
Pretty self-explanatory in all honesty type in whatever name and password you like and the account will be made automatically. For example, I`ll make the account Tutorial Person but keep the password secret for now.
...I forgot to cap the screen with my user name and password on it but really you don`t need help with that anyway
Here`s the server select yes there's only one and by the Thanks Kali your the best! (she`s the server owner), press enter or the okay button and we move on to

-Step Two- Making your first Character
If you`ve ever played an RPG or MMO in your life your set move on beyond some minor details. On factions pick whichever you want Asmodian are darker and importantly they don`t start in Poeta, the public RP area more on this later unlike Elyos who are a white and do start in Poeta i recommend going with them just so that you start in the place where people are most likely to just pop up. If you pick Asmos anyway once you make your char and get in-game press to enter and type into the chat //goto Poeta if someones already there and isn`t one of the more quiet types on the server great you can get help getting started.
I`ll just go with Elys to save myself some time. In this screen simply pick whichever class you want if it has an effect on your appearance I don`t know, i`ll female artists because I want to make a childish joke that will become obnoxiously clear soon enough.
Here`s another very self-explanatory sight type your name in upper right and then go to the upper right corner to customize you chars appearance, something I'm not going to get into right now though I might ask Lou and Luney to write one up for sh**** and giggles.
(It seems i`ve reached the limit for pics per post)
Some previews of the Login screen
And here`s the char i made
Major note if you want to remake your char again you can save the appearance with a button in the lower-left corner additionally you can make a second account with the same char appearance for funsies.
Another note is that the outfit you see your char in is not the one you`ll start in.
Edit-Wait Siri is taken already bahh i`ll just go with Tutorial Lady
E2-*Deep breath*Tutorializer it is
Here`s what the character select looks like

-Step Three- Character Setup aka The main part and something i probably could have started
I would screencap what you see when you start but the game throws so much stuff the pic is too big anyway the first thing to do is mash the escape button to close all screens once your screen is clear, mashing escape might bring up the system menu just hit escape again to close it. From this point on I`ll forgo screencaps somewhat., this is simple stuff anyway

MEMO PAD press SHIFT + M to bring up the Memo Pad, which is account sensitive I believe, then copy the following into it these can also be found on the discord server
[attachment=12] Empty
Console Commands:
\g_cammax 100
\es_camheight 1.6
\es_piercingcamera 1
\e_obj_min_view_dist 5000
\g_freefly 1
\g_minfov 120

Chat Commands:
//appearance size <VALUE>
//speed <VALUE>
//goto <LOCATION>
//movetoplayer <PLAYER_NAME>
//movetonpc <NPC name>
//movetome <Player name>
//bk add/tele/del/list <NEW_NAME>
//morph <ID>
[attachment=13] Full
PRESS F1 to self target then PRESS SHIFT + F1 to bring up Test UI 
[attachment=14]Here`s what you should see
[attachment=15]Go to the Your tab and
[attachment=16]Copy in Console commands from your memo pad THEN click execute builder

Go to the Cha.. tab
[attachment=17] Here`s what you need, ignore the icons in the search box they`re not important
[attachment=18]Type in Cloth and search for it, make sure your self targeting, and then press on the top Luxury skills prof and Additional skill, it`l turn green as a result
[attachment=19]Then scroll down and add Basic cloth and Advanced cloth
[attachment=20]Search leather and add the top two or if they pop up differently Basic and Advanced 
Do the same for Chain (Basic and Advanced) and then Plate (there's only advanced)

[attachment=21]Then brace yourself and press Learn Skill (+stigmas) This will cause a tide of pop-ups in the chat including level ups that will be visible to everyone

NOW go to the ITEM tab and
[attachment=22] empty
[attachment=23] type in Mafia, press the top icon and go down to Loot item and type 1 in the box next to it, and make sure your self-targeting, press loot item (You can type in anything you want but to only get outfits press armour in the box next to it and search for what you want)
[attachment=24] NOTE If you want to preview the item on your char just Ctrl click on it
[attachment=25] NOW press P to bring up your inventory and simply double click on the new icon, or left click once to bring up the radial menu and press the helmet and sword to equip

[attachment=26] Done, in terms of the essentials this is all you really need from me I hope the chat command that are in your memo pad are self explanatory

To fly simply press the wing icons~

Done for now~

If you`re having issues with Camera height go to the Your tab add \es_CamHeightFix 0 and click execute builder